100+ years of combined experience in the oil and gas industry


Javelina Oilfield is proud to announce accreditation from the American Petroleum Institute. The hardworking team and great products you depend on are now API Q1 registered.

Our Quality Policy

Javelina Oilfield’s quality policy is to identify, meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and needs in a sustainable manner by providing a credible solution to their product needs. Furthermore, our goal is to achieve, maintain and continually improve the effectiveness of our management system, our capabilities and our organizational knowledge to meet all customer, regulatory, and statutory requirements.

Oilfield Rubber Operations

Javelina Oilfield Inc. has been a leading resource for competitively priced, high-quality oilfield and BOP elastomer products since 2015. We are committed to offering a sustainable and credible solution to our customers for your mechanical seal unit needs. Javelina thrives to provide and continually develop a customer-focused manufacturing and sales program that allows the company and our customers to communicate efficiently, perform our respective functions in a timely fashion, and expedite the delivery process.

We have proudly established our headquarters in Harper, Texas with distribution centers in Harper, Houston, and Odessa, Texas, as well as Querétaro, Mexico. To combat the continuous issue of extended lead times and price markups due to overseas shipment dependencies, we’ve established cutting-edge manufacturing facilities in Houston and nearby, Querétaro, Mexico. This move allows us to provide our oil and gas customers with rubber products at a rate and timeline that can’t be beat!

Ready To Build a Relationship With Javelina?

You can always count on our team to quickly provide a dependable supply of premium elastomers for any oilfield operation whether offshore or on land.