rubber sealing solutions for the

oil & gas industry

► API Q1-4658 registered

► North American production & Distribution

► State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility

► Shortened Supply Chain = Competitive Pricing


Safe drilling practices wouldn’t be possible without the existence of oilfield elastomers. Prevent blowouts and practice safe well drilling with our wide range of rubber products. Product customization is also available.


As the world’s most complete supplier of oilfield rubber products, our manufacturing and distribution processes are streamlined to provide each customer with the most comprehensive line of pressure and flow control equipment in the oil and gas industry, keeping your production flowing and your workforce safe.

With headquarters in Harper, TX, distribution centers in Harper, Houston and Odessa, TX, and a state-of-the-art manufacturing and distribution facilities in both Houston and Querétaro, Mexico, you can rest assured that your operations will always receive the highest-quality oilfield elastomer products at a competitive price with lead times that can’t be beaten!


Product Cycle Worker - Transparent

We have strategically established manufacturing and distribution operations in nearby Querétaro, Mexico, as well as Texas-based distribution centers in Harper, Houston, and Odessa, eliminating the added costs and extended wait times that come with international shipments. Place your order today!

Javelina Oilfield Inc.

The Last Oilfield Rubber Supplier You’ll Ever Need

We’re always looking for opportunities to improve oilfield drilling operations around the globe. Give our team a call to get a partnership started today!

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